Month: June 2017

  • All the World’s a stage: Berlin.

    All the World’s a stage: Berlin.

    Berlin. A city with ominous overtones for a child of the cold war. Images of grey houses and razor wire, an imploring president and a soviet leader. Stories of loss, of triumph. Images of sledgehammers and celebration, and a sense of victory. A sense of distinctly European strangeness, a fever-dream mélange of art and music,…

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  • Happy Wednesday! (6/21)

    Happy Wednesday! (6/21)

    Not a long one this week, as I’m wrapping  up my ONE HUNDREDTH BOOK today. 🙂  And then tomorrow morning at the taint of dawn, I get in my car, to get a bus, to take a train, to get on the plane… to go to Berlin. 🙂  I’ve NEVER been to Germany, I’m freakin…

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  • Happy Wednesday! (6/14)

    Happy Wednesday! (6/14)

    Well, it’s Wednesday in the studio again, and things are still hopping. It’s been in the 90’s this week in NY, and I am SO glad I have air conditioning in my booth.  Yeesh. I won’t wait any longer (since you can see the header image already) to say that YEP, I’m recording Rhys Ford’s…

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  • Pride Generosity Giveaway

    And the donation drive to support Lost n Found Youth of Atlanta is done! We raised almost a thousand dollars total for the shelter in Atlanta that supports homeless LGBTQ+ youth, and the grand prize winner is… ELIZABETH! (Check  your email) 🙂   Congratulations to everyone, and there will be more emails going out with…

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  • Happy Wednesday!!! (June 7th)

    Happy Wednesday!!! (June 7th)

    SO, my apologies… I said I was going to update you all from the city as the event went along, and I got sick Wednesday morning last week and it was all I could do to hold it together and schmooze my way through the thing.  Stupid headcolds.   It’s June already, good googamooga, how…

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  • New Release: “Vassily the Beautiful”

    New Release: “Vassily the Beautiful”

    Exciting new release with author Angel Martinez, a romantic SciFi set in the ESSO universe: “Vassily the Beautiful” follows the main character who suffers from Nyctalopia (inability to see in low light) through a path of exploitation, redemption, and love. Borrowing from the Baba Yaga myth and reminiscent of a Blade Runner cyberpunk world. A…

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