Month: August 2017

  • Wednesday Musings (8/30/17)

    Wednesday Musings (8/30/17)

    Happy Wednesday! I’m not 100% certain when or why I chose Wednesday for the blog post musings day. I suspect it’s that equidistant-point-of-the-week thing which led me here… not that my week is precisely linked to the nominal business days any more, but still. I’m riding a whitewater river of stories right now… it’s more…

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  • Happy Wednesday! (8/23/17)

    Well, the eclipse came and went, and from my point of view Sköll didn’t really eat the sun at all, the lazy warg. (Norse mythology, he chases the chariot that pulls the sun) It was cool, I wish I’d had time to travel to the totality path, but… life.  *shrug* I have some pics of…

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  • Culture Shock (Wednesday Blog 8/16)

    Some vacations recharge you, some inspire you. Some exhaust you, and some confuse you. I’ll say that this vacation was largely exhausting and confusing, and leave it at that… but frankly it all pales in comparison to what I came back to. Emerging from 2 weeks in a tent, and spending time out of the…

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  • Vacationland, part 2 of 2

    Vacationland, part 2 of 2

    Continued from last week…. So, a quarter century ago, when many audiobooks were still HELLACIOUSLY expensive and some were not so very good, there was a woman with a mission: Review books, and show people, schools and libraries which were good, and which were crap. Her name?  Robin Whitten. She founded a magazine (then a…

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  • Vacationland, and stories to tell. Pt 1 of 2

    Vacationland, and stories to tell. Pt 1 of 2

    At the northeastern corner of the United States, sharing more of it’s border with Canada and the Atlantic ocean than any other neighbor, lies a state known for it’s beautiful summers and frigid winters. It’s lobsters and pine trees. It’s blueberries and ocean vistas. Maine has been eating seafood and harboring vicious mosquitoes since sometime…

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