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Words die in my throat. In memoriam of Sandrine Gasq-Dion (10/25/17)

Thankful am I, for the gift of text… because my words are ashes in my throat today.

I learned this morning of the death of a lovely woman, an author I’ve done a number of projects with and chatted and snarked with on a number of occasions. Whose words of praise made me blush, and who took with excellent humor some light-hearted ribbing over character’s misbehavior on the page.

Sandrine Gasq-Dion was one of the authors who helped me launch the “Greg Boudreaux” branding line, with her book “A Marked Man” only a year and a half ago. She wrote with vigor and a sense of passion, she lived in passion and loved her stories, her characters and her readers.

Her sudden passing yesterday has left me stunned. Tears and silence reigned in my recording booth this morning when Rhys called to let me know.


She was brash, bold, controversial and proud of it. I believe some of her finest moments in her own estimation were getting temp-blocked from FB for being a bit TOO much.

On the one hand… I cannot say I knew Sandy all that well. We only met in person a couple of times, and only in the last 3 years. But on the other, working with an author’s words that closely is an intimacy of art that is hard to equal. I was absolutely gutted to learn this news, and remain deeply hurting.

I don’t honestly know what else to say, except how much my heart goes to her family, to the readers and listeners who followed her work… and to the genre she was a part of.


Peace. Bisous.


17 responses to “Words die in my throat. In memoriam of Sandrine Gasq-Dion (10/25/17)”

  1. I’m broken hearted to hear of Sandrines passing she was fast becoming one of my favorite authors ,I just started reading her Assassin books and enjoyed them alot.If you don’t mind me asking how did sandrine gasq-dion die?she will truly be missed by me and many others.may she rest in peace and fly with the angels.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Sandrine’s death. I have read every book she has written. I love her stories. I only learned about it through a dedication in another book. My heart goes out to her family and friends. The world has lost an amazing writer.


  3. Our thoughts are with Sandrines family, peace be with you. Your writen works will will forever be around..what a wonderful author. Thankyou❤️


  4. So sad to hear of Sandrine’s passing. Such unexpected news, I also saw a dedication in a new book and just about froze! It couldn’t be! and selfishly, I though “oh no, who’s going to finish the assassin books, no i’ll never read anything else from her”. Then my thoughts turned to how beautiful and young she was, how full of life she looked just days before from videos on Facebook, her family and friends and how they must take this. I have every single book she wrote and have loved them all; I cried for someone I had never met but loved for her imagination, wit and ability to have made me reread her books at least 4 times after the first time and still love them like the first read! Rest in peace Sandrine, the world is poorer for your absence.


  5. I am so shocked to read that Sandrine had passed, I loved all her books and was waiting very impatiently the read her next I was checking to see when her next one was out and came across the news so very sad gone much too soon will be miss!!.


  6. i was a great fan of her writing.. can anyone say what happened ?? I didn’t know she was sick or didn’t hear anything serious about her.


  7. I have been checking for new releases by Sandrine every week on Amazon,but nothing came up.I can’t believe the loss I feel for her passing(after all,I never knew her,or did I).Her books made me love mm genre,after all love should never be denied.Her books inspire,her humour lightens the mood,the stories give hope to people that have never felt loved,the relationships between characters(loyalty,love,respect,second chances,forgiveness…..).In a society that relationships af all kinds are really fragile,expendable,and built on selfishness,her books made you feel a part of a family of the heart,when most people feel disconnected from their own family.Cheers to you Sandrine for lighting the way for your readers,and may the light guide your way. I just wish someone can pick up the torch where you left off,because I’m sure you had a lot more stories to tell! Natalija Kulich


  8. I was reading The santorno series with my book club,we just finished reading books 4 and went to purchase book 5 from barns and noble, and Sandrines books have been taken down ,will we be able to purchase them in the future after her estate is settled? We were really into the series and now we feel like we have been left hanging. There are 13 books to the series we feel so let down.please if you find out anything about the series returning please let me know, I don’t know where else to go to find out.


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