Month: January 2018

  • New Release: THUNDERHEAD

    New Release: THUNDERHEAD

    The troubling times in MidMerica are not over; and they’re spreading. Rowan and Citra, still caught in the maelstrom of politics and ideology that have the Scythedom on the brink of internal conflict, are each thrust to the knife’s edge by the power play. Helpless to interfere in the Scythedom, but never blind… the Thunderhead…

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  • New Year, Same Me?

    New Year, Same Me?

    2018. A new year (on some calendars) and another trip around the sun, marked by the relentless waxing and waning of the seasons, the moon, events and families. New lives are born. Some flicker out. Relationships spark and burn, dwindle and cool. It isn’t out of the realm of reasonable to say that each and…

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