On the Road Again… and Back on the Horse

Well, there are times when life takes a MASSIVE turn, and things change a lot. Times when you find yourself in a dark well of the soul, Plato’s cave… Yoda’s dark side test.

TBH, the last few years was precisely that. My kid got diagnosed with some serious health stuff and had some major depressive and suicidal episodes. My marriage fell apart. My home got split up and prepared to be sold. My partner and I worked through some major changes in our relationship.

Then, on top of that, we had this pandemic you might have heard about.

I haven’t been secretive about it per se, I’ve still been on FB and Insta and so most of you know I’ve been alive… but actual writing? Be it blog posts, fiction, or poetry, that’s been far and few and fuckit. I’ve been in the chrysalis and most of it was dissolving into goo and hoping like hell that some wings formed.

I think now, there are some new wings. SO! Onward and forward.

I just got back from Edinburgh Scotland where I was honored to be the sole narrator represetative seeing people, talking craft, and signing stuff at RARE (Romance Author & Reader Event) – a super great social gathering con that happens all over the place (Paris, London, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Toronto, etc)

It was a very laid back, social-only convention with great signing space and little activities organized for the attendees. Especially great this year was that they had a pretty big overall signing space, so that we weren’t TOTALLY cheek-by-jowl the whole time.

Stayed in the Haymarket district of Edinburgh, right near the conference center. Lovely time at the VOCO IGH Hotel.

I got to RARE and was delighted to meet some of my authors, and some of my author friends along with readers from all over the place.

It’d been since 2017 since I saw Ed Davies! Lookin good Ed. ❤

I’ve done a bunch of books for Ed, including their “Significant Brothers” series available here: https://www.audible.com/series/Significant-Brothers-Series-Audiobooks/B07D8SP96C

While I’ve not done a book directly for KC Wells or Damon Suede, it was SO LOVELY to see them both here. 🙂 Damon’s husband Geoff was also there, representing the masked rangers with me. BTW: If you’re a crime writer and you don’t know Geoff Simon’s work, do yourself a favor and check it out. SUPER good stuff.

KC Wells
The lads from the states! 🙂 Good to see you both.

Friday afternoon I just floated about, chatting with people and getting the lay of the land. Saturday my signing table was right next to the amazing Emma Scott, for whom I’ve done 2 books – One with Zachary Johnson (Someday, Someday) and one with Caitlin Kelly (Forever Right Now) and it was SUPER lovely. Emma is much more famous than I am, but was super gracious and kind and also made sure to let readers who had a copy of either “Someday Someday” or “Forever Right Now” signed knew that the narrator was right next door. I signed at least 2x as many things for this reason. ❤ Thank you Emma, you are a PEACH. (hey, let’s do another book soon)

It’s both great and mildly unreal that this beautiful human is also this talented AND this nice.

It was just a grand time, and I’m suuuper glad I got to go. 🙂 Maybe I’ll be back next year!

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