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  • New Release: “Freedom’s Fall” Freedom Series Book 5

    New Release: “Freedom’s Fall” Freedom Series Book 5

    From Blackstone Ink and author Bobby Adair, the Freedom saga continues with: FREEDOM’S FALL   War in the heavens for freedom on Earth. The mission to 61 Cygni takes a surprise turn when Kane and crew return to Trinity Base hunting survivors. They make an unexpected ally, though the crew believes the alliance will end…

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  • Apparently? It’s RELEASE DAY!!!!

    Apparently? It’s RELEASE DAY!!!!

    OK, this doesn’t happen very often… but. TRIPLE RELEASE EVERYONE!   “The Night Realm” … Spellweaver Book 1 by Annette Marie and Tantor Audio with the talented Melissa Moran:   “Freedom’s Fist” … Freedom’s Fire series – book 4 by Bobby Adair and Blackstone Publishing:     and “Parts Per Million” from author…

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  • New Release: FREEDOM’S FURY

    New Release: FREEDOM’S FURY

    From Blackstone Audio and acclaimed author Bobby Adair – the second installment of the pulse-pounding “Freedom’s Fire” series is here. “Freedom’s Fury”   Dylan Kane’s decimated platoon holds a tenuous grip on the asteroid base. They’re freeing the imprisoned rebels when an enemy cruiser surprises them and attacks, destroying their assault ship and leaving them…

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