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  • New Release: “Freedom’s Fall” Freedom Series Book 5

    New Release: “Freedom’s Fall” Freedom Series Book 5

    From Blackstone Ink and author Bobby Adair, the Freedom saga continues with: FREEDOM’S FALL   War in the heavens for freedom on Earth. The mission to 61 Cygni takes a surprise turn when Kane and crew return to Trinity Base hunting survivors. They make an unexpected ally, though the crew believes the alliance will end…

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  • Apparently? It’s RELEASE DAY!!!!

    Apparently? It’s RELEASE DAY!!!!

    OK, this doesn’t happen very often… but. TRIPLE RELEASE EVERYONE!   “The Night Realm” … Spellweaver Book 1 by Annette Marie and Tantor Audio with the talented Melissa Moran:   “Freedom’s Fist” … Freedom’s Fire series – book 4 by Bobby Adair and Blackstone Publishing:     and “Parts Per Million” from author…

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  • New Release: FREEDOM’S FURY

    New Release: FREEDOM’S FURY

    From Blackstone Audio and acclaimed author Bobby Adair – the second installment of the pulse-pounding “Freedom’s Fire” series is here. “Freedom’s Fury”   Dylan Kane’s decimated platoon holds a tenuous grip on the asteroid base. They’re freeing the imprisoned rebels when an enemy cruiser surprises them and attacks, destroying their assault ship and leaving them…

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  • New Release: “Pep Talks for Writers”

    New Release: “Pep Talks for Writers”

    Just in time to gear up for November’s National Novel Writing Month comes Grant Faulkner’s series of short and sweet essays on keeping your writing mojo in good tune. This was a LOT of fun to narrate, full of snappy lines and great ideas. So excited to see “Pep Talks for Writers” out in eBook, Audio…

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