The road goes ever on and on;

down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the road has gone; and I must follow, if I can.

Tolkien. That guy could write. “Oh, sure” you say, “but it’s all Beowulf fan-fic” … ok *I* said that, but still. It’s true, and I don’t care. Tolkien set the background mood for my childhood, and I’ve taken many and many more steps on that road that leads from my front door.

Today, starts another journey, this one round trip. And a tradition.
This week, the publishing industry at large gathers in NYC (At the Javits center, which let me tell you is a serious monument to engineering) for Book Expo America to celebrate the industry we are a part of. To wheel and deal, wine and dine, schmooze and socialize.

Part of the spectacle is the gathering of the Audio Publisher’s Association, of which I am a narrator member. The APA ( is a wholly unusual trade organization, in that it brings together several very distinct portions of our industry. There will be publisher’s reps and production directors, and engineers and casting agents, and narrators aplenty gathering for the 2017 APAC (Audio Publishers Association Convention) and our equivalent of the Oscars … the Audies.
Today begins my own pilgrimage to the event, with an extremely laid back and cushy bus ride from my home high above Cayuga’s waters, via the luxurious Cornell Campus 2 Campus bus. Seriously folks, most airline rides are not this nice. YES, it’s a BUS…. But it’s not THAT kind of bus. It’s about double to triple the standard greyhound price, but FFS… free wifi, complimentary galley, seats that recline more than most first class airline rows… it’s swank. Also, not having to drive and park in the city? BONUS!

In a few hours, I’ll disembark in midtown Manhattan, and make my way to the classic and funky The Jane hotel on the west side. Settle in to my miniature hotel room and hang up the suits and tux, and hopefully go check on a personal art project.
I cannot wait to see colleagues I’ve not had a chance to hug since Chicago last May, and to hear their stories and watch their eyes come alight. I cannot wait to hear the thoughts and advice of some of the amazing, giving, luminaries of the industry. I cannot wait to introduce talented and aspiring colleagues to the people they can connect with and make magic.

I cannot describe how blessed I am.

Look for more later today, tomorrow and the rest of the week. Be well, everyone!

Keep reading, keep writing, keep listening… keep sharing your stories.

CHEERS! Bisous!
-G, on the road from Ithaca to NYC May 28th 2017.

(Seriously, look at these seats and the galley!! This is an uuberbus)

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