Happy Wednesday!!! (June 7th)

SO, my apologies… I said I was going to update you all from the city as the event went along, and I got sick Wednesday morning last week and it was all I could do to hold it together and schmooze my way through the thing.  Stupid headcolds.


It’s June already, good googamooga, how did that happen?? I’m back at the studio, and … 95% the way better.  Holding off on recording until I’m all the way normal, because nothing sounds weirder than a subdle alderashun ob de consonand souds in my words. 😉

On tap in the studio are “Montana” for M.J. Roberts, “Heart Unseen” for Andrew Grey, “DimSum Asylum” for my nuna Rhys Ford, “Well Tailored” for Silvia Violet, “Camden” for Xio Axelrod with my boo Megan Tusing, “For the Love of Caden” for Sandrine GasqDion, and “One Giant Leap” for Kay Simone… Apparently it’s Romance month!


The city was, as always, amazing. I met with colleagues, I ate good food, I listened to great talks, I met with new clients, I got dressed up, and I got some new ink. It was a heck of a time! A few highlights here, but it was intense as always and I cannot wait to see my people again soon.


I’m listening to another lovely installment of my friend Alison Larkin reading from Arthur Ransome’s “Winter Holiday” this time… she’s so delightful in it, so very lively and approachable. 🙂 Serious talent folks, serious talent.

And that about wraps it up!  Healing, Recording, preparing mentally to head to Berlin in 2 weeks time…. it’s another day in the art life.

All of you! Be amazing, be kind. Keep reading, keep writing, keep listening, and keep sharing your stories.

Cheers, and Bisous!


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