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Sultry Listens Semi-Finals – Go VOTE!

Voting is important!

And also for the GeekyBlogger’s SULTRY LISTENS awards for excellence in Romance/Erotica Audiobooks… which are here:




And in which my authors have been nominated THREE TIMES!!!  (and hey… you can vote for three every day?! WHAT A CRAZY WILD HAPPENSTANCE!)

Nominated Audio Books in this set are:

“A Day Makes” by Mary Calmes (See more by Mary Calmes)


“Drawn Together” by ZA Maxfield (See more by ZA Maxfield)


“For the Love of Caden” by Sandrine Gasq-Dion (See more by Sandrine Gasq-Dion)


I’m thrilled to be one of the male voices in audio-books these days, and thrilled that these amazing authors are getting the nods they deserve! SOoooOOOoo… hop over and give em a vote!!

Cheers and Bisous!


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