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On the Beauty of Stories: An Open Letter to Chris Fogg of ListenUp audio.

(At present, ListenUp is one of the only audio houses who do not have a SAG/AFTRA Union contract, and are not presently paying their narrators a wage that allows them to perform and meet their financial needs. Members of the industry are taking this moment to encourage ListenUp to sit down with the union and discuss ways to make sure that skilled artists have the safety to be artists, and produce great stories)


Your company contributes to one of the most beautiful things Humanity has ever done. Sharing our stories. It’s one of the oldest things we do as a species, and one of the oldest professions.

It’s easy to look at storytellers, and discount the value in what they (we) provide. I mean, everyone tells stories, right? Moms and Dads do it every night, we do it over beers, we do it when we do things we’re not particularly proud of.

But that’s the thing, Chris. Everyone tells their own stories, and not everyone is prepared to tell someone else’s. Not everyone can embrace any story they are handed, make it sing and breathe. Not everyone can devote their time and soul and effort to bring the dedication that makes a story great.

… and certainly not if they have to work three jobs to keep food on the table for the privilege of doing so.

ListenUp can take this moment to step up and say “Yes, you know what? The stories we tell are important. They’re important enough to make space, time and effort for. They are important enough to make sure our storytellers can focus on their work and take risks as artists, not with their rent.”

It’s time Chris. It’s time for your company to believe in yourselves. Believe in the good you can and will do. 

Embrace the stories. Embrace the storytellers. Go to the table with SAG/AFTRA and talk about how you make sure your storytellers can keep their physical world safe and cared for… so that they can spin the tales ephemeral for generations to come.

Be the change. Be the example. Honor the tradition of thousands of years, and make this year the one you shine.


Greg Tremblay. Professional storyteller


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