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Amazing recognition of Amazing colleagues…

So, Audible is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a bang…

By inducting 21 of my colleagues into their new “Narrator Hall of Fame”


I’m thrilled at this list… tho there are a couple of names I think are missing from it (*cough* like Kate Reading *cough*) BUT… that’s not to diminish the AMAZING work by these people, an absurd number of which I count as friends these days. (wow, my life is so cool)


Audible’s Narrator Hall of Fame


I am so honored to call these people colleagues, and to be able to call a number of them friends as well! I am lucky enough to spend time regularly with the amazing likes of:


If there is a more giving and warm person in the industry… I don’t know them yet. Andi is as talented as she is kind, and has the most genuine approach to furthering the art, the industry and the members of it. She has personally nudged and shepherded the start of many careers, and lends her talent to some absolutely amazing books.

A fellow member of romancenarrators.com a boutique casting site for the voices of love, Andi narrates in many genres with style, grace, a natural fluidity and skill. CONGRATS ANDI!!!


Scott BrickScottBrick

Scott is rightly one of the luminary voices in the industry, and graces us every year at APAC with a reading from some latest piece of little known lit… like… oh… “Jurassic Park”

He is funny, engaging, thoughtful and generous. Teaches, coaches, and all around encourages the industry. His house is, tragically, sinking beneath the weight of his many awards and nominations… but he rises above anyway. GO SCOTT!!


Dion GrahamDionGraham

I remember meeting Dion at my very first industry event. If you were to look up the term “gentle soul” you would find a photo of Dion. When you have a conversation with him, you feel truly a part of it, truly understood. He lends his voices to hard boiled crime dramas, and is just as at home telling a children’s story.

I’m so thrilled to see Dion as a part of this! ALL THE LURVE DION!


Robin MilesRobinMiles

Robin does so much for the industry at large, I don’t know when she has TIME to record books. She is organizing at the APA level, coordinating the awards shows, lending her thoughts and insights at every turn… and is just one of the most genuine and honest and likable people you will ever meet.

THOROUGHLY deserved honor… and I’m honored to call you a friend. KICKIN BUTT ROBIN!!!


Barbara RosenblattBarbaraRosenblat

There’s times people tell you something that really means a lot. When Barbara called me a ‘mensch’ I about fell over from the honor.

A skilled screen actor as well as powerhouse narrator… Barbara is also funny and acerbic and delightfully her own person. I’ve so enjoyed chatting at mixers and noshing on the lawn on the coast of Maine with you Barbara!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Simon VanceSimonVance

It’ll annoy him to be called anyone’s hero… so I’m going with “Mentor” instead. I was listening to Simon years before I ever dreamed I would get to do this as a career.  Years and years.  So many years. So much older than me. (And yes, Simon, you do – as you’ve pointed out – have more hair)

Simon is one of my artistic inspirations and touchstones. He’s always represented to me the epitome of engaging with the text and letting the art carry you. He is thoughtful, insightful, charming, and has excellent taste in scotch and in music. I’m honored to call him a friend, and if his name had NOT been in this list… it would have been unthinkable. CHEERS SIMON!



I don’t know Cassandra and Vikas and Luke as well… we’ve met, but I’ll just have to work on that!


Of the other names? Well…. you might recognize a few. 😉


Congratulations to all the inaugural inductees, and WELL DONE Audible in creating this.

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