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Audies 2018 – Nominees

The nominations for the 2018 Audie awards (The Oscars of audiobooks) are in!  SO excited for my colleagues, and so thrilled to see these amazing works. Am I bummed not to be on the list? Naturally, but the industry is really exemplified by people like this.

THRILLED to provide you with the collection of the nominations, and to send out my love and acclaim to my colleague friends who are on the list.

Proving a passion project can make good… and being amazing while doing so: KITTY HENDRIX, and my mentor SIMON VANCE in Literary Fiction and Classics!



DION GRAHAM, one of the most genuinely beautiful souls I’ve ever met for the Young Listeners category:



The amazing AVA ERICKSON, and JOE ARDEN, fellow romancenarrators.com artists for the Erotica category:



Consummate artist ELIZABETH WILEY in the History/Biography category!



My mentor and amazing artist SIMON VANCE in the Non-Fiction category!!



My dear brother in narration and date to last year’s Audies MATTHEW LLOYD DAVIES in the Humor category!



Inspirational in and of  herself is my friend EMILY WOO ZELLER for the Inspirational and Faith Based Non-Fiction category!



And the delightful NANCY PETERSON in the companion category Inspirational Faith-Based FICTION!



Teacher, Funnyman and narrator extraordinaire – JOHNNY HELLER in Middle Grade:



The absolutely inspiring, amazing, and incredibly talented TANYA EBY’s company “Blunderwoman Productions” with an Original Work nod for “Nevertheless We Persisted”



Fellow denizen of the Paranormal, and charming performer KHRISTINE HVAM in the Paranormal category!



Giving me a quandry… the always amazing ANDI ARNDT, JOE ARDEN *AND* DONNA POSTEL in the Romance category!!!  (I’ll buy you all a drink, will that work?)



Simon Vance again, and a heartbreaking posthumous nomination for the sweet and talented KATHERINE KELLGREN in the Mystery category. The audio world mourns. #BitterSweet



My narration sistah on another continent CAITLIN KELLY for SCI-FI!!!!!



And the inimitable SCOTT BRICK, a great guy and a classic narrator for THRILLER-SUSPENSE



… And many more talented performances and performers to follow. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!!!Business-SelfHelpFemale



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