A Love Letter to my Life

It’s Valentines day… a day which as I said to a loved one this morning I regard in “a very much adult version of the 5th grade… cute, light-hearted, but not the LYNCH PIN of romance.” I always feel that we should say and do these things every day, not just annually.

I realized that I did have a valentine note to offer however, to the amazing pantheon of people, stories, places and fortune that is my life.


I truly cannot express how blessed I feel on a daily basis. I am surrounded by stories, story-tellers, story-makers, story-consumers and every cross pollination thereof. I am adrift, intoxicated, upon a sea of words every waking moment of my life. I am doing what I love every day, and I am only able to do that because of the people I am attached to on these strands of connection.

Authors who are friends, colleagues, and some few who have truly become family. Actors who are closer to me than I can ever find words to express, despite my surfeit of words. Partners and friends who listen to me wax philosophical over my job and never roll their eyes (while I’m looking) but smile with pleasure that I am happy.


I’ve fallen in love with one character a week, MINIMUM, since I started this job. I cry and laugh and flush and rage and FEEL so deeply that it humbles me.


So… to my life, my stories, my colleagues, my readers, my world:

Happy Valentines day. I love you, so much.




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