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  • New Release: “Neptune’s War”

    New Release: “Neptune’s War”

    From bestselling author Nick Webb and Audible studios comes the third book in the Earth Dawning series: “Neptune’s War” Humanity is on the brink. And, as always, the greatest threat comes from within…. A rogue element within the military has stolen half the Exile Fleet and taken it to Neptune to protect the rich…

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  • New Release: “Defiance” by Nick Webb

    New Release: “Defiance” by Nick Webb

    Loved the gripping saga of the Swarm, and humanity’s desperate bid for survival in a hostile universe? The next installment of the Legacy Fleet series by Nick Webb – “Defiance” is out. DEFIANCE – Audiobook   The fog of war clouds everything. Enemies lurk in the shadows, within the very fleet sworn to protect United…

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