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Happy Wednesday! (6/14)

Well, it’s Wednesday in the studio again, and things are still hopping. It’s been in the 90’s this week in NY, and I am SO glad I have air conditioning in my booth.  Yeesh.

I won’t wait any longer (since you can see the header image already) to say that YEP, I’m recording Rhys Ford’s “Dim Sum Asylum” this week, which is another awesome RhysRomp. Dragons, magic, near death, a bit of spice. A grand grand time.

Oh, and food. Did I mention food? (… god I want Bao)

If you want to hear a SNEAK PEEK of Dim Sum Asylum,  you should check out Rhys’ blog and facebook group.

Rhys Ford: Dirt and Sin or Facebook: Rhys Ford’s Coffee Cats and MURDER


I’ve just finished up “Heart Unseen” for Andrew Grey, that’s off to proofing, and after DimSum I’m doing another lovely little book with the brilliant Megan Tusing for Xio Axelrod “Camden” then finishing up “Well Tailored” for the fabulous Silvia Violet.

And that will leave me getting on the plane for Berlin! Here’s hoping cold/allergy/fu doesn’t punish me during that time. Before I can get there, I’ve got recording to do, reading to finish, and a tractor to put back together. (1943 Ferguson TO-30, she’s a lovely old farm lass)

So! I think I’d better be about it!

You lot. Keep reading, keep writing, keep listening and keep sharing your stories.

Cheers, and Bisous!


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