Happy Wednesday! (6/21)

Not a long one this week, as I’m wrapping  up my ONE HUNDREDTH BOOK today. 🙂  And then tomorrow morning at the taint of dawn, I get in my car, to get a bus, to take a train, to get on the plane… to go to Berlin.

🙂  I’ve NEVER been to Germany, I’m freakin stoked.  I already have a list of things I “must” do in Berlin that would take me until NEXT EuroPrideCon… which I believe is in Amsterdam anyway, so.  I’m not even gonna try to get them all done. I shall go where the wind leads me.

Yes, you read right above. I am wrapping up the rollercoaster snark fest that is “Dim Sum Asylum” today for the inimitable Rhys Ford… and nothing could be more appropriate, because her book “Dirty Kiss” was my first…. and DimSum is my Centennial. Not bad for 3 years and change.

Thank you all for being part of making this happen. Can’t wait to see what the next hundred brings!


I’m gonna cut this short… because, recording needs to happen and I should double check my packing.

I’ll do my best to keep you all updated from the road in Berlin, we shall see.  🙂

In the mean time:

Keep reading, keep writing, keep listening, and keep sharing your stories.


Cheers and Bisous!



3 responses to “Happy Wednesday! (6/21)”

  1. Congrats on your centennial. 💜 your work, you do a marvelous job and I can’t wait for DSA. Honestly, a hundred books in three years sounds damn hard. I’ve read books aloud to others before (not nearly with your style) and it takes longer than people realize (especially if you need to distinguish different characters) and doing that a hundred times on a professional level sounds mindboggling. Enjoy Berlin and safe travels.


  2. Congratulations!!! It’s always awesome when someone as talented as you reaches these milestones. I LOVE audiobooks and you quickly became one of my faves in the two years since I first heard your work. Your range and joy in what you do characterizes what makes listening to audiobooks such a unique and wonderful experience for me. Congrats, again and I hope you have many more years doing what you love.


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