Happy Wednesday! (8/23/17)

Well, the eclipse came and went, and from my point of view Sköll didn’t really eat the sun at all, the lazy warg. (Norse mythology, he chases the chariot that pulls the sun)

It was cool, I wish I’d had time to travel to the totality path, but… life.  *shrug* I have some pics of the partial tho. All of you who went to the real deal it looked really cool! I’m very psyched for you all, and the pics I’ve seen are SWEET.

You know how books stick with you? I’ve never been able to see a solar eclipse without thinking about Stephen King’s “Dolores Claiborne” … one of his line of books that were horror about daily life, and therefore all that much creepier.  *shudder* Seriously. That and “Gerald’s Game” … man, THOSE will keep you up nights, fuggedabout “The Tommyknockers.”


Oh lordy. It’s almost Labor Day! Summer is sliding down into autumn. The more cynical of the maple trees are already starting to tinge red (the damn negative nancys) and the studio is IN.SANE this fall. Seriously, things just crunched together.

On the production calendar this month, and September:





September… I’ll be doing “Purpose and Desire” for Tantor media, “You Never Know” for Mary Calmes, “Ebb and Flow” for Andrew Grey and “Tramps and Thieves” for Rhys ford, all Dreamspinner Press titles. Also, Meghan Maslow’s new novel “By Fairy Means or Foul” and Arshad Ashanuddin’s 45 hour epic SciFi “Pact Arcanum” (in three parts)

October is just as busy… if you see me at FaffCon9, Gay Rom Lit or World Fantasy Con and I look a little… glassy?  Just… like, grab me an espresso would you?


This fall I’m thrilled to be seeing 2 cities I’ve never hit, and returning to one of my youth. Late September I’ll be in Charlotte North Carolina for FaffCon 9, an amazing gathering of Voiceover professionals from around the known ‘verse. I’ve actually not been in NC since I was a kid and my family cruised through there on our boat… so that’ll be cool.

In October I’ll be back in Denver a week for GRL, the city of my HS days, and then where my mum lived while I was in college. Cannot wait to see the Mile High again, and hopefully hit a couple of places I remember from then. Sadly the rib places in Evergreen are closed… and frankly I’m not sure I’ll have the time to go drive around and visit nostalgia anyway. Ahhh well.

Then November is World Fantasy Con, my third and it’s in San Antonio Texas. I’ve only been to TX once, and it was a loooooong time ago. (Like, the baby-niece-I-changed-diapers-for-just-started-college long time ago) I’ve literally NO idea what I’ll do there, but it’ll be a blast I’m betting! It looks like the con hotel is RIGHT on the riverwalk. WOOT!

I’ve got a new multi-purpose lens for my camera, so I plan to do some more photoblogging from the cons. Looking forward to it.

I… should get back to work.


You! Yes you. You are awesome, and you make a difference. Thank  you.

Keep reading, ok? Keep writing. Keep listening.

Keep sharing your story.


Cheers and Bisous!


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