Wednesday Blog (9/6/17)

I hope everyone who gets to read this is safe, and that your loved ones are safe. Man, this is a scary MF’ing time…

I don’t know what to say other than to be prepared for both self-reliance, and to lend a hand. Emotional, physical, financial. We all have so much going on, and so many demands… but the 21st century is going to have a lot of desperate, hungry, displaced people in it.


I am thinking this very moment of the people on Sint Maarten that I met and fell in love with this past spring. Hurricane Irma is currently over Antigua and St. Marten as the strongest, largest storm on record to hit there. I know none of them are a) thinking about reading my freaking blog right now and b) have better shit to do… so just. Ugh.

If the century continues like this… with sea levels rising and these kinds of storms steadily over the next 20 years? This will be a very, very different world.


Compassion. Patience. Charity. Resiliancy.

Maybe a full 100% less “threat of nuclear war” yeah? I mean… for reals?


These are times when I feel the dichotomy of the frivolity of my job, and the importance of my job. I mean, no… nobody NEEDS audiobooks. But we sure do need to share stories and increase understanding, eh? I dunno gang. What a time.

I’m a bit at a loss as to what to say this week… so I encourage you all to go out there and make a bit of positive impact. Help a neighbor, send some money, send a card to someone. Check your house for weather, help a friend check theirs.

And in the wings, whenever you can… keep reading, keep writing, keep listening and keep sharing your stories.


Be safe, be well.  Love, and cheers and bisous.



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