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Happy Wednesday! (9/13/17)

September is gorgeous here, tho every time a rain shower passes through I shudder to think of my friends in the hurricane paths. The Caribbean is just a path of crap right now, and my heart breaks. Still waiting to hear if a couple people are OK or not.

If you’ve some spare cash to send, I encourage you to reach out. PayPal is currently organizing a number of charities and they aren’t keeping any of the cash, just funneling… so. That’s at least a central place to look over the charities you can donate to. I know the Red Cross has become a quagmire of wanting to do the right thing, but ineffectively and expensively… so.

I think this fall is an epic example of just how mixed a thing life is. There is horror and ecstasy every single day. Triumph and failure. We do ourselves little benefit if we only focus on one, and never the other… but that does make it hard to answer the question “So, how’re things?”


I am proud, on the “awesome things” side to let you all know that “Pep Talks for Writers” and “Purpose and Desire” are both done and in final editing phases… “Down on the Farm” just came out. “Defiance – The Legacy Fleet series book 5” is on the way to retail. “Return of the Chauffeur’s Son” and “You Never Know” are complete and waiting for the publisher to check them over… and “Tramps and Thieves” is about 30% done recording and should be done tomorrow, then off to my proofer.

Next up is Arshad Ahsanuddin’s “Pact Arcanum Book 1: Sunset” and then Meghan Maslow’s new series opener “By Faerie Means or Foul” next week.


I’ll be in Charlotte NC next weekend for FaffCon9 – the Voiceover UnConference… and getting to have breakfast with the delightful Silvia Violet while there! It’s fun to go near where my authors are, they are such fascinatingly weird people… reminds me of narrators.


In my earbuds!

I just listened to “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson, read by Roger Wayne.

Interesting, if… I thought, somewhat obvious at times. It’s a good self reflection moment I think, and Roger does an excellent job being the voice of the author. Very confident, somewhat self-deprecating, and decent. I couldn’t shake the impression however that the author is essentially a spoiled douche manchild… but maybe I’m projecting. His message is solid nonetheless.


Also just finished listening to my talented colleague Hillary Huber read Glynn Stewart’s “Terran Privateer” – The Duchy of Terra, Book 1.

Excellent job on a fun book. The start was, I thought, oddly paced. Very much a meandering set the stage without much in the way of tension…. but it picks up steam after about chapter 3 and pushes on full bore. Reminds me of Master and Commander, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Honor Harrington all rolled up.

I always enjoy Glynn’s work because he makes a nice general mix of gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation in his books… and rarely does it feel forced to me. Just… yeah, this is life. So?

Also mad props to Hillary for nailing all the glottal clicks in that book… the “A’Toll” and all that. Nice.


Annnnd… really that about wraps it up! I should actually, like… get to work or some junk?

Hey, I hope you and your people are safe and as dry as can be. Homes can be rebuilt, lives less so. Help where you can, and be careful and kind.

As always: keep reading, keep writing, keep listening and keep sharing your stories!


Cheers and Bisous!


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