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New Release: “By Fairy Means or Foul”

From author Meghan Maslow comes the riotous romping adventure you’ve been waiting for. Fairies, Dragons, Zombies, Demons, Wizards and Giants… and a mean and vile Unicorn await.

“By Fairy Means or Foul” available NOW on audible under my Greg Boudreaux line (So you know there’s some hot nookie to be had along with your adventure, laughter and excitement!)



The last thing half-dragon, half-fairy private investigator Twig Starfig wants to do is retrieve a stolen enchanted horn from a treacherous fae, but there’s no denying the dazzlingly gorgeous unicorn who asks Twig to do just that. Literally, no denying, because compelling the reluctant detective is all part of a unicorn’s seductive magic.

To add to his woes, Twig is saddled with the unicorn’s cheeky indentured servant, Quinn Broomsparkle. Dragons are supposed to want to eat humans, but Twig’s half-dragon side only wants to gobble up Quinn in a more personal way. Making matters worse, it’s obvious the smokin’ hot but untrustworthy sidekick is hiding something. Something big. And not what’s in his trousers. In the PI business, that means trouble with a capital Q.

Throw in gads of zombies, a creepy ghost pirate ship, a malfunctioning magic carpet, and Twig’s overbearing fairy father’s demands to live up to the illustrious Starfig name. Naturally, an old but abiding enemy chooses this time to resurface, too. Those inconveniences Twig can handle. The realization he’s falling for a human who isn’t free to return his affections and whose life may hang on the success of his latest case?

Not so much.

©2017 Meghan Maslow (P)2017 Meghan Maslow

2 responses to “New Release: “By Fairy Means or Foul””

  1. Absolutely floved the book! I wished for an audiobook and it was answered beyond my dreams: Greg Boudreaux as narrator AND before the end of the year! Yay!


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