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Back in the Habit Hole. (11/8/2017)

It’s been a wonderful year, but a long one with a lot of traveling and a lot of personal ups and downs. I’ve been to a lot of cities, met a lot of people, told a lot of stories and pondered a lot of things.

I used to be a dyed in the wool extrovert; that seems to be a bit less of a hard truth any more. While I enjoy my time out in the wide world, meeting new people and seeing new places, I’m discovering there is nothing so deliriously wonderful as coming back to my routine.

Routine. When the fuck did THAT start being awesome? Dunno, but it is. There is something enormously comfortable about my:

Wake Up, Shower, Work Out, Make Coffee, Make Breakfast, Watch 30 min of TV, Change, Go to Studio, Do Social Media, Get Warmed Up, Record, Take Break, Record, Have Lunch, Putter in the Shop, Record, Take Break, Record, Make Dinner, Hang w Fam, Prep Book, Sleep….

It’s boring to type that all out… it looks like I’m a robot. But something about it is just monumentally comforting. Maybe it’s the sense that it’s all under control. I think the very fraught nature of the world right now, having that sense of order is extremely reassuring.


I am, for example, still floored by the MM Romance community’s loss of Sandrine Gasq-Dion. In lieu of flowers, I chose to donate to The Trevor Project in Sandrine’s name. I hope it helps someone grow up to live with half as much verve and passion as she did. To answer the question people have asked me of “what will become of her audiobooks?” I don’t know. For now the ones we had done are there still for you, and any more will be up to her family and her estate. Hopefully at least the existing ones will remain.

Hug your loved ones.


So. Anyway.

What’ve I been doing?

In San Antonio last week, I was so honored to speak on an excellent panel on “Beards and Intrigue: Queering the Historical Fantastic” on LGBTQIA+ characters in Historical Fantasy. Lovely time, lovely panelists, lovely moderator, lovely audience. We had a REALLY nice discussion!

I also was delighted to be a “stunt voice” and read several stories of Lord Dunsany aloud… such absolute fun! I read “The Highwayman” and “The Hoard of the Gibbelins” and my colleague John Minton read “From Zaccarath”

And while I was gone, you may have noticed that the Harlequin Audio production of “Wheels Up” dropped. 🙂


In the studio right now, I’m recording “Oversight” – book 2 of Santino Hassell’s “Community” series for Tantor Audio. Next I move on to book 2 of Arshad Ahsunaddin’s “Pact Arcanum” series.


On my iPod, I’ve just finished listening to the talented Hilary Huber read Glynn Stewart’s second “Duchy of Terra” book, and now I’m on to Jake Gyllenhaal reading “The Great Gatsby” Loved the SciFi, Great Gatsby is OK so far. I’ll let you know.


But now? It’s sleep time.

Keep reading, keep writing, keep listening.. and keep sharing your stories!


Cheers and Bisous.


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