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Happy Wednesday (7/5/17)

First and foremost, I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th celebration here in the states. For those of you in the rest of the world, I hope July is treating you well, the weather is decent, and everyone is healthy.

So,  you MAY have noticed I just got back from Berlin. (Nooo, Greg… really?) and I still cannot say enough about it. I’m thrilled you all enjoyed the travelogue as much as you did! I promise to continue to do those, and to go back and bring my travelogues from other trips to this blog.

Had a great time with my camera, I’m going to put up a sub-page here on the blog of all the Berlin photos with captions, keep an eye out.


In the studio! It’s still busy, and I’m happy.  Sandrine Dion’s “For the Love of Caden” is in post-production, sorry about the delay on that, got sick after NYC and it threw me for a loop.

Silvia Violet’s “Well Tailored” is about half recorded, finishing that today and tomorrow and then off to post.

Next week I will start Kay Simone’s “One Giant Leap” (which for a space nerd is just a huge thrill… and what a great AWWWW moment. Mission commander falling for the head CAPCOM … via the radio. Awww!)

I’ve got a tentative timeline for Nick Webb’s “Jupiter’s Sword” this month, and then a short family vacation while I prep the books for August and September.


I want to take a moment here to share with you a new book I just listened to, by a new author AND new narrator.  I mean like… this author’s written 5 books, and the narrator’s done 4.

I fonking LOVED it.

Space Team Audiobook

Space Team – by Barrry Hutchison

I’m keeping my eye on Phil Thron for sure… Seriously good. Has a real James Marsters / Bronson Pinchot feel.

… hmm.  *note to self, beware Phil Thron competition…*  😉


And that’s the lot for today! Gotta get in the booth and make some art.


You! Keep reading, keep writing, keep listening, keep sharing your stories.




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