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  • ColleagueBrag Thursday:

    ColleagueBrag Thursday:

    AWESOME reviews for some of my amazing colleagues in today’s Audiofile Magazine real-time reviews!   For starters, an EARPHONE AWARD for the delightful and talented Lisa Flanagan for her performance on Katherine Applegate’s “The Last” “Applegate’s new fantasy series has a fascinating cast of characters, and narrator Lisa Flanagan does justice to each. Byx…

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  • My Amazing Colleagues

    My Amazing Colleagues

    Nothing is more fun than getting my Audiofile Magazine review emails, and seeing my amazing friends and colleagues there. Like today! The fantastic Megan Tusing, whom I have had the pleasure of voicing several books with, brings home awesome praise for: “IF YOU EVER WANT TO BRING AN ALLIGATOR TO SCHOOL, DON’T!” “Tusing brings a…

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  • Happy Wednesday! (7/12/17)

    Happy Wednesday! (7/12/17)

    July, July. How … did that happen precisely? I mean… wasn’t it JUST June? I … I could swear. Huh. OK. Anyway! Hey, new releases happening here man… very cool. Did this adorable romance with Dreamspinner Press for Andrew Grey: “Heart Unseen” which was just sweet as all getout. Love it when people learn and…

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  • Happy Wednesday (7/5/17)

    Happy Wednesday (7/5/17)

    First and foremost, I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th celebration here in the states. For those of you in the rest of the world, I hope July is treating you well, the weather is decent, and everyone is healthy. So,  you MAY have noticed I just got back from Berlin. (Nooo, Greg……

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