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Happy Wednesday! (7/12/17)

July, July. How … did that happen precisely? I mean… wasn’t it JUST June? I … I could swear.


OK. Anyway! Hey, new releases happening here man… very cool.

Did this adorable romance with Dreamspinner Press for Andrew Grey: “Heart Unseen” which was just sweet as all getout. Love it when people learn and grow and find love.

My delightful partner in Axelrod Megan Tusing has a new book out with Blackstone Audio “Unquiet Ghosts” … a creepy hard driving thriller.  Dude!!

Dear colleague Paul Heitsch has a TRIPPY AS FUUUUU new book written by little names like Timothy Leary “The Psychedelic Experience


And I’m actually listening to an anthology that I participated in (which… annoyingly has NO mention of my name.. like… anywhere. Or indeed most of us, but.. hey)

Unfettered II” is an anthology put together by Sean Speakman, benefiting cancer research. Some of the stories don’t catch my ear, but some are awesome. (I honestly like mine among the best… “Magic Beans” by Django Wexler”


I’m in the studio today working on the middle of the beautiful “One Giant Leap” by Kay Simone, and then next week I return to the world of Nick Webb’s new series in “Jupiter’s Sword” the sequel to “Mercury’s Bane” … exciting and dire.  Dude. SOO lucky.

I’ll be off to Maine next weekend for the Audiofile Magazine annual narrator’s retreat, hanging and eating lobster in my reallllyyyy old stomping grounds.  I’ll bring the camera along, I promise!

And speaking of…

The promised Berlin photo collection. Hope you enjoy!


Keep reading, keep writing… keep listening and keep sharing your stories.



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