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  • Happy Wednesday! (6/21)

    Happy Wednesday! (6/21)

    Not a long one this week, as I’m wrapping  up my ONE HUNDREDTH BOOK today. 🙂  And then tomorrow morning at the taint of dawn, I get in my car, to get a bus, to take a train, to get on the plane… to go to Berlin. 🙂  I’ve NEVER been to Germany, I’m freakin…

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  • Happy Wednesday! (6/14)

    Happy Wednesday! (6/14)

    Well, it’s Wednesday in the studio again, and things are still hopping. It’s been in the 90’s this week in NY, and I am SO glad I have air conditioning in my booth.  Yeesh. I won’t wait any longer (since you can see the header image already) to say that YEP, I’m recording Rhys Ford’s…

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  • Pride Generosity Giveaway

    And the donation drive to support Lost n Found Youth of Atlanta is done! We raised almost a thousand dollars total for the shelter in Atlanta that supports homeless LGBTQ+ youth, and the grand prize winner is… ELIZABETH! (Check  your email) 🙂   Congratulations to everyone, and there will be more emails going out with…

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  • Happy Wednesday!!! (June 7th)

    Happy Wednesday!!! (June 7th)

    SO, my apologies… I said I was going to update you all from the city as the event went along, and I got sick Wednesday morning last week and it was all I could do to hold it together and schmooze my way through the thing.  Stupid headcolds.   It’s June already, good googamooga, how…

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  • New Release: “Vassily the Beautiful”

    New Release: “Vassily the Beautiful”

    Exciting new release with author Angel Martinez, a romantic SciFi set in the ESSO universe: “Vassily the Beautiful” follows the main character who suffers from Nyctalopia (inability to see in low light) through a path of exploitation, redemption, and love. Borrowing from the Baba Yaga myth and reminiscent of a Blade Runner cyberpunk world. A…

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  • A Misty, Moisty, metro morning.

    A Misty, Moisty, metro morning.

    It’s Tuesday in the city, and I rise early to meet colleagues and friends, and newfound family for a day of nurturing our craft. Manhattan moves like a living thing. At times deceptively quiet, never fully asleep. The subway churns, dogs walk in the cool morning, vendors sleepily poke and prod their wares into readiness.…

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  • The road goes ever on and on;

    The road goes ever on and on;

    down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the road has gone; and I must follow, if I can. Tolkien. That guy could write. “Oh, sure” you say, “but it’s all Beowulf fan-fic” … ok *I* said that, but still. It’s true, and I don’t care. Tolkien set the background mood for my…

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  • Happy Wednesday!

    Happy Wednesday!

    It’s the first Wednesday in the new website, and I’m loving how things are settling in. Coincidentally, I’m also doing some tweaks to the studio (I do that about every 6 months) and things are settling in well here too! 🙂 I leave Sunday for the city for the big anchor point of the narration…

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  • Happy webday to me…. Happy webday toooo meeee…..

    Happy webday to me…. Happy webday toooo meeee…..

      Cheers everyone, and welcome to the new website. It’s a bouncing baby WordPress! Born 9:23am, 5/23/17… 3 pages long, 53M, 11k. Author and website are doing fine. Omit presents please. As the days go forward, you will start to see the blog here be the primary feed point for information here, and on my…

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  • “OMG – you have the best job! How do *I* do that?”

    You know what? I do, I truly do. I have the best job I can think of. I love what I do, and it’s one of the most amazing things I can imagine doing. Interestingly, while there are things that are simple but not easy and easy but not simple… honestly narration and voice work…

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